Call for Exposure Stories

Share your story of chemical exposure and loss of tolerance by responding to this post. If we feel your story may be helpful to others learning about TILT, Dr. Miller will re-post your story with her comments. Be aware that you are posting your story in a public forum. Do not include identifying information unless you are comfortable with it being available to anyone on the web, and please do not post your story if you are pursing any legal action regarding your exposure or TILT-related illness. We also ask that you do not name any third parties including doctors, coworkers or family members. We will remove any postings that are not appropriate to this forum and the topics we address.


Following is a format you may wish to follow in describing your experiences. Specific information is most helpful.

Initiating exposure(s): What was it? Which year did it occur?

How many others were exposed and did they develop TILT?

Fill out the QEESI – what are your scores on the 5 scales, both now and when you were at your worst?

After the initial exposure, how soon did your intolerances begin? Which did you notice first? Which caused the most severe symptoms?

Please indicate if you have experienced the following types of intolerance, and describe your principal reactions/symptoms.
Chemical intolerances:
Food intolerances:
Caffeine intolerance:
Alcoholic beverage intolerance:
Adverse drug reactions or drug intolerance:

What medical diagnoses have you or other affected family members received since developing TILT?

How many doctors did you see before you figured out what had happened to you?

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